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Sustainability Earns a High Degree of Savings for Stanford

We first began supporting Stanford’s sustainability initiatives in 2011. Since then we’ve performed energy audits through full project implementation at 21 buildings on campus. Nothing excites us more than helping clients like Stanford make an impact optimizing and managing their building portfolio energy use because big impacts mean big benefits for our planet and clients. To date, Stanford saves over $2,000,000 a year in avoided energy costs from energy projects we’ve supported.

Energy Audits

Our work typically beings with identifying energy efficiency measures through the energy audit process. The audits cover HVAC and controls, laboratory systems, and process equipment. For most projects, we quantify the energy efficiency opportunities using calibrated eQUEST building energy models.
We tailor our deliverable to the needs of the building and project: where advantageous, we develop a controls upgrade roadmap in lieu of an audit report to expedite the next phase, implemenation.
We have completed energy audits and/or controls roadmaps for four academic buildings, two medical office buildings, a dormitory, three athletic facilities, and eight laboratories.


We collaborate with Stanford throughout the implementation of select measures to ensure projects align with priorities, fiscal constraints and sustainability goals. We assist in the development of performance specifications and design-build guidelines, develop sequences of operation, and commission the implemented measures.
Our DDC controls upgrade projects include laboratory facilities of several types as well as recreational, athletics, and office buildings.
For our typical Stanford controls retrofit project, we prepare a design-build bid package including the contractor’s scope of work, equipment and controls riser diagrams, controls schematics and points lists, BAS graphics requirements, and detailed sequences of operation for mechanical equipment. All deliverables are based on focused on-site investigations and discussions with project stakeholders, and make use of Stanford’s Facility Design Guidelines to ensure compliance with all University standards and requirements. We also frequently assist Stanford with bid review and contractor selection.
As Commissioning Agent, we:


  • review contractor submittals
  • perform construction inspections
  • author and witness functional performance tests
  • perform detailed trend data reviews to reveal programming and equipment deficiencies


We uses powerful SkySpark data analytics to assist with the commissioning process on selected projects. After implementation is complete, we provide measurement and verification services using electricity, hot water, and chilled water usage data and outdoor temperature correlations to calculate realized savings.
Stanford Control Upgrade Projects Summary

Building Type Status Scope
Packard Electrical Engineering Completed 2013 Energy audit, scope development, DDC bid package preparation, bid review, commissioning, developing campus standard controls retrofit specs, measurement & verification.
Clark Center Biological Sciences Completed 2015 Scope development, DDC bid package preparation, bid review, commissioning, M&V.
Arrillaga Family Sports Center Recreation Completed 2015 Energy audit, scope development, control sequence development, bid review, commissioning, M&V.
Varian Physics Post-construction Cx trend review Energy audit, scope development, DDC bid package preparation, bid review, commissioning (underway), M&V.
McCullough Materials Science Pre-construction Energy audit, scope development, DDC bid package preparation, commissioning (to begin upon construction kickoff)
MERL Mechanical Engineering Post-construction Cx trend review Energy audit, scope development, design review (design-bid-build project), commissioning (underway), M&V.
West Rec (Arrillaga O.E.R.C.) Recreation Completed 2017 Energy audit, scope development, DDC bid package preparation, subcontracting to controls contractor, commissioning, M&V.
Avery Pools Recreation Roadmap completed Scope development (controls roadmap); awaiting Stanford decision on next steps.
Lokey Chem-Bio Chemistry Bid phase Energy audit, scope development, DDC bid package preparation. Cx expected to begin upon construction kickoff.
Spilker Nanoscience Bid phase Scope development (controls roadmap), DDC bid package preparation, Cx expected to begin upon construction kickoff.
Physics & Astrophysics Physics Design-build guidelines development Energy audit, scope development, DDC bid package preparation (underway).


Stanford Building Case Studies



Energy Efficiency Project Measures

  • Zone-level controls upgrade from pneumatic to DDC with implementation of advanced control strategies
  • Demand-based duct static pressure and supply air temperature reset strategies
  • Unoccupied mode setback of zone temperature and/or airflow setpoints
  • Variable speed control and aisle containment for server room cooling systems
  • Laboratory supply and exhaust airflow rebalancing to reduce air change rates in line with current space requirements
  • Reduced standby airflow setpoints for fume hoods
  • Electronically commutated fan motors for laboratory walk-in coolers
  • Constant air volume to variable air volume conversion for HVAC systems



Annual Cost Savings


Utility Incentives



2011 - Present

Commissioning, Energy Audits, Energy Management, Energy Modeling, Higher Ed, Measurement & Verification (M&V), Project Implementation
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