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energy consumption takes a dive

Taking a plunge to reduce energy use at this campus’ Outdoor Education & Recreation Center, we recently completed a DDC controls upgrade project that delivered a big splash.

annual energy savings


annual chilled water use savings


annual hot water use savings


annual electric savings


energy savings splash

As one of our long-term university clients continues to dive deep pursuing energy savings on their California campus, we’re supporting the forward thinking institution with full project implementation of energy retrofits including this DDC controls upgrade at their outdoor pool and recreation center.


The project involved full design-build specifications for a complete JCI MetaSys controls upgrade and numerous equipment and controls measures, listed below.


We managed the project on our client’s behalf, working with Johnson Controls from bid proposal through commissioning. We also provided M&V on the project.

additional projects

ddc controls box stanford-ddc-controls-upgrade-design-build-kw-engineering

energy efficiency measures

  • New temperature sensors for full economizer operation
  • Proper sequences for heat recovery pipe
  • Adding VFDs to hot water pumps with new DP sensors
  • Improved control of pool heating
  • Best in class trim and respond resets on temperature and pressure setpoints
  • Title 24 standard VAV box control (not easy with JCI)
  • Replaced air handler temperature sensors
  • Revised central plant chilled water staging



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