Best Practices for Lighting Audits

LocationsPG&E Pacific Energy Center (PEC): 2-day Class
SMUD Customer Service Center: 1/2-day Class
InstructorJames Donson,  L.C., P.E.

Before embarking on any lighting modifications or an upgrade, it is critical to conduct a comprehensive lighting audit. Energy service companies, architects, lighting designers, and engineering firms can conduct lighting audits. They can also be done by qualified internal staff or maintenance engineers.


2-Day Class Description

This new 2-day, updated and expanded interactive class will cover how to conduct a preliminary energy audit of lighting usage, including outdoor spaces. Hands-on exercises will include documenting the number and type of fixtures in use, their light sources (and lamp type/model/wattage), the light levels in various areas, how long the fixtures are on per day (and variations during weekends), and what controls are in use.

Participants will also learn to note the placement and light distribution of fixtures and suggest changes if needed. The class will also demonstrate how an audit also helps to identify the types and quantity of devices not connected to any control systems, and how to determine whether they should be. Participants will also learn how to use the results from the audit to assess the savings potential of various efficiency measures so that they can be properly considered before implementation.

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