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a high degree of savings

Big impacts mean big benefits from optimizing and managing building portfolio energy use.


To date, this distinguished university in California, saves over $2,000,000 a year in avoided energy costs from energy projects we’ve supported.

annual cost savings


utility incentives


campus buildings


a decade of savings

Since 2011, we’ve performed energy audits through full project implementation at 21 buildings on this higher ed campus in support of their sustainability goals.

energy audits

Our work typically beings with identifying energy efficiency measures through the energy audit process. The audits cover:

  • HVAC and controls,
  • laboratory systems, and
  • process equipment.

For most projects, we quantify the energy efficiency opportunities using calibrated eQUEST building energy models.


We tailor our deliverable to the needs of the building and project: where advantageous, we develop a controls upgrade roadmap in lieu of an audit report to expedite the next phase, implementation.


We have completed energy audits and/or controls roadmaps for four academic buildings, two medical office buildings, a dormitory, three athletic facilities, and eight laboratories for this client.



We collaborate with our client throughout the implementation of select measures to ensure projects align with priorities, fiscal constraints and sustainability goals. Consulting services include: 


  • bid review and contractor selection,
  • development of performance specifications and design-build guidelines,
  • sequences of operation development, and
  • commissioning of implemented measures.
controls projects

Our DDC controls upgrade projects include laboratory facilities of several types as well as recreational, athletics, and office buildings.


For our typical controls retrofit project on this campus, we prepare a design-build bid package including the: 

  • contractor’s scope of work,
  • equipment and controls riser diagrams,
  • controls schematics and points lists,
  • BAS graphics requirements, and
  • detailed sequences of operation for mechanical equipment.

commissioning services

We use powerful SkySpark data analytics to assist with the commissioning process on selected projects.


After implementation is complete, we provide measurement and verification services using electricity, hot water, and chilled water usage data and outdoor temperature correlations to calculate realized savings.


Commissioning tasks include:

  • review contractor submittals
  • perform construction inspections
  • author and witness functional performance tests
  • perform detailed trend data reviews to reveal programming and equipment deficiencies

additional projects


2011 - Present 

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