grocery monitoring based commissioning





almost $1M equalivalent sales bump per store

Grocers lowered energy costs 5-10% by reducing energy usage in lighting, heating & air conditioning and refrigeration systems with cost effective solutions.

equivalent sales increase


annual store cost savings


number of stores


program kWh savings


simple payback (months)


low cost savings for grocers

Through our Grocery Monitoring Based Commissioning (GMBCx) pilot program for ComEd we helped grocery store owners reduce excess energy usage.


Our GMBCx pilot program relied on whole building level interval data to identify costly energy creep of refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC systems.


The project included screening audits at over 30 grocery stores in the greater Chicago area with a focus on low cost strategies that leveraged the existing controls infrastructure at the store.


We provided implementation assistance by guiding owners and service contractors to implement our recommendations at 15 stores which ranged from typical mid—sized to large neighborhood markets as well as smaller format stores.  

savings approach

Left unchecked, energy use tends to “creep” up and identifying and resolving the culprits takes time can be a hassle.


We made it easy for grocery stores to manage energy use and avoid energy creep by tracking energy use in our online, proprietary energy project tracking and savings analysis system.


program services

  • site visit by our engineers
  • scoping audit for each store
  • no-cost savings opportunities
  • low cost savings opportunities
  • energy efficiency measures
  • bill tracking for one year to ensure lasting energy savings

common energy projects

  • suction pressure adjustments
  • condensing pressure adjustments
  • anti-sweat heater controls
  • defrost controls scheduling
  • dase lighting controls
  • condenser fan VFD sequencing
  • area lighting controls
  • air handler commissioning
reducing energy creep graph for efficiency savings

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