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Achieve & report GHG reductions,
optimize building energy performance, and
improve occupant comfort with kW Link.

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kW Link

your buildings, your data, analytics working for you

kW Link uses data from your building's automation or management systems (BAS or BMS) and compiles it into powerful analytics, generating actionable insights and reports to:

  • reduce energy and demand costs
  • decarbonize facilities lowering scope 1 & 2 emissions, and
  • achieve ESG goals.

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Every department impacted by facility performance wins with kW Link.

Reduce and control energy spend by:

  • ensuring increased energy use doesn't go unchecked.
  • shifting peak loads to lower priced time of use rates.
  • reducing maintenance.
  • offsetting project costs partially with utility incentives, when available.

Optimize facility performance by:

  • maintaining temperature sensitive product integrity with case temperature monitoring.
  • separating nuisance alarms from true system faults.
  • reducing and predicting O&M.
  • reducing occupant comfort complaints.
  • on-going commissioning (Cx) / monitoring-based Cx.

Lower portfolio energy use with reports that facilitate:

  • easy identification of high consuming facilities.
  • targeting high priority items from reported insights.
  • quick resolution through notification of malfunctioning or poor performing systems.

Create and track decarbonization reduction goals by:

  • identifying energy waste.
  • portfolio-wide reporting of GHG emission reductions.

portoflio & facility

optimization opportunties

Organizations with large usage profiles, high demand charges, campuses or large portfolios can benefit.







transform building analytics

energy savings to decarbonization goals

kW Link is an energy information system (EIS) integrated with monitoring data, analytics, fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), real-time performance alerts and reporting. Its powered by SkySpark, utilizes edge-computing, and integrates with your legacy or proprietary BAS or BMS.

  • connect

    Securely access multiple BAS and BMS control and monitoring data

  • collect

    Consolidate energy use and system performance data

  • analyze

    Identify energy and demand reduction opportunities

  • optimize

    Ensure ongoing energy savings with anomaly or fault notifications

  • report

    Avoided GHG emissions reported from real-time data

efficiency & sustainability


demand response
load control
fault detection
actionable insights
data consolidation
on-going Cx

optimize building performance

Questions about saving money while optimizing performance using kw Link?

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