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Energy costs you and the planet.

The single largest operating cost, energy makes up 30% of building operating expenses.

Buildings account for 39% of annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S. according to the World Green Building Council.

Reducing energy use saves you money and reduces associated CO2 emissions, shrinking your carbon footprint.

Our energy efficiency and management services help you:

  • meet your payback and sustainability goals through proper planning.
  • achieve successful and stressless projects with expert implementation.
  • ensure expected and lasting energy savings by monitoring performance.
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Whether you seek to resolve operational issues, save money, or increase sustainability, we can help you achieve it all, cost-effectively.


Identifying energy saving opportunities, also called energy efficiency measures, that meet your payback and sustainability requirements is key to beginning a successful energy project. Getting started with an audit or benchmarking is a great place to start. 

An energy audit is often the first step to decreasing your building’s energy use.

During an energy audit, a trained engineer visits your building, identifies potential energy saving improvements, and recommends energy and cost-saving opportunities. 

By auditing hundreds of buildings, writing the industry guides on energy auditing (both co-authored by our Founder), we identify the projects that meet your economic and sustainability criteria.

Water audits entail analyzing all water using systems, not just plumbing fixtures. They can reveal malfunctioning equipment as well as billing errors. We recommend water-efficiency improvements to minimize total cost of ownership and identify alternative rate tariffs when beneficial.

Learn more about how to hire a good energy auditor.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager allows month-to-month and year-to-year energy performance tracking. Beyond benchmarking for ENERGY STAR certification, these accounts can be used for:

  • Comparing energy performance with “peer” buildings.
  • Quick way to achieve LEED points for buildings seeking LEED accreditation.
  • Forecasting energy use in anticipation of added occupancy, computers, and other variables.
  • Discovering high level maintenance issues that lead to wasted energy.
  • Compliance with California AB 1103.

Managing energy use across a portfolio of buildings or campuses is challenging, yet yields more savings opportunities when effectively managed. Our experience in boiler rooms to boardrooms enables us to identify the savings or self-generation opportunities to achieve your energy management objectives.


Realizing energy savings requires sucessful implementation. If you could use trusted, third-party oversight, a trained team to implement low-cost improvements or need new construction or retrofit system commissioning services (learn more about different types of commissioning), we can help.

You can achieve peace of mind throughout your project with implementation support services. Acting as an owner's rep, and without vendor or contractor affiliation, you will receive objective feedback and oversight evaluating and choosing the best implementation approach and project delivery option that fulfills the design intent, schedule and budget.

If you're seeking low-cost results, retro-commissioning services offers the perfect solution.

The RCx process implements simple, low-cost (OpEx) improvements that are actionable, well-defined and easily implemented with short paybacks.

Find out if your building would benefit from RCx.


If your building already underwent RCx, re-commissioning ensures everything is still running smoothly.

Commissioning can pay for itself within five years or less and ensures new construction or retrofit systems meet the owner’s requirements and operate as designed. Our commissioning services deliver economic results that persist at the meter.

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With CALCTP Provider and CALCTP-ATs/CLCATTs on staff, we are ready to provide lighting acceptance testing for your next project.


Monitoring energy use post-installation provides insights into unexpected operation, helping you resolve issues before you they become costly.

Using measurements and trends from loggers, sensors, meters or specialized equipment, we verify energy use to ensure your project saves energy and your building operates as expected.

utility programs

For utility programs, we ensure incentive dollars are spent only on projects that achieve savings. We always perform M&V considering project details such as size and established savings history, as well as M&V protocols, IPMVP and FEMP.

When seeking to leverage the advantages of interval meter data, we utilize our expertise pioneering whole-building, interval meter data analysis. We have authored numerous guidelines and implemented these approaches for many utility programs. Learn more about M&V (and M&V 2.0 aka  normalized metered energy consumption or NMEC).

Read more.


To assist with NMEC analysis, you can use nmecr, an open source r package, for analyzing site-level, meter based, energy savings. Developed in-house, it is available as a free download.

Download nmecr.

When ongoing energy savings and reliable building operation is a priority, our energy data analytics and visualization solutions offer real time energy monitoring, data visualization and reporting. Continuously evaluating data, our solutions detect and alert you of unexpected consumption to ensure optimal energy performance. Learn more about our Smart Building solutions.

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If you're in need of additional support for energy modeling, city energy ordinance compliance, sustainable certifications, or IoT monitoring solutions for your building, we can help.


BEMP certified

energy modeling

Energy modeling is a powerful tool for predicting or analyzing building energy use. ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP) on staff ensure reliable models, even for complex facilities such as laboratories, hospitals, athletic facilities, grocery stores, schools and office campuses. We also offer eQuest training and energy modeling quality control.

San Francisco, LA, Berkeley & NYC

city energy ordinance compliance

Many cities require building owners to submit regular energy benchmarking, audits or retro-commissioning reports. We can help you complete the requirements for:

  • San Francisco's Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance (0017-11),
  • Berkeley's Building Energy Savings Ordinance (BESO),
  • Los Angeles' Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance (EBEWE), and
  • New York City's LL87. 
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sustainable certifications

Data shows that ENERGY STAR buildings carry a sales price premium of about 2% over their non-rated counterparts. We help you qualify for ENERGY STAR certification (and perform Portfolio Manager benchmarking).

Geen buildings are in demand. LEED certification offers third-party verification that your building performs across the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and environmental stewardship of resources. We ensure your LEED submittal process goes smoothly.

smart buildings

IoT energy monitoring

Automated energy monitoring and system alerts facilitates reliable building operation and energy cost savings. With secure IoT monitoring or integration with your existing BMS data, our energy data analytics and visualization solutions offer:

  • real time energy monitoring,
  • data visualization, and
  • reporting.

Learn more about our Smart Building solutions.

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building performance & career

energy training

Learn about energy efficiency, building operations, commissioning, and renewable energy with customized course materials and presentations for your organization. We tailor materials for different:

  • learning styles,
  • teaching environments, and
  • demographics.

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If you have any questions about reducing energy use, increasing sustainability or optimizing building system operations, get in touch.

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