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Funding for utility efficiency incentive programs must be spent wisely. With decades of experience supporting these programs, we help utilities cost-effectively:

  • ensure customers receive actionable energy audits,
  • verify applications are accurate and complete,
  • verify equipment installation and energy savings,
  • perform energy modeling and calculation assistance for customers,
  • develop M&V guidelines and protocols,
  • conduct emerging technology studies,
  • and more.

support for all program phases

expert efficiency program services

From conducting thousands of technical reviews and site inspections for customized, NMEC and deemed-savings energy efficiency and distributed energy incentive programs, we deliver valuable and reliable consulting services to support your program.

We ensure accurate energy saving and demand impact calculations during our unbiased reviews.

We perform facility site visits across all customer market sectors to verify equipment operating parameters during a due diligence review. Our facility site visits include:


  • Interviews with site personnel to determine hours of operation and equipment scheduling.
  • Visual verification of subject equipment.
  • Equipment metering.

We ensure incentive dollars are spent only on projects that achieve savings. We verify projects save energy, cost as expected and consider applicable M&V protocols, IPMVP and FEMP. 

Using our extensive library of state-of-the-art monitoring and metering equipment, our trained engineers take on-site measurements including:

  • spot and/or short term monitoring of power (kW),
  • fluid temperatures,
  • fluid flow rate,
  • fluid pressure, and
  • light levels. 

Read more about M&V.

nmecr is available as a free, open-source R package that analyzes commercial building energy consumption using a meter-based, whole-building approach for site-specific measurement and verification (M&V) of energy efficiency projects.

Already utilized by several utilities and organizations as free analysis toolset for M&V using a normalized metered energy consumption (NMEC) approach, nmecr helps to increase the cost-effectiveness of verifying project energy savings.

Learn more.

Our highly-efficient incentive application processing and project tracking systems support timely and thorough review.

Our ASHRAE Certified Building Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP) use the following software tools for our energy models:

  • eQUEST,
  • eQuest-R,
  • EnergyPlus,
  • OpenStudio,
  • GLHEPro and
  • our proprietary, custom Excel tools.

Read more about energy modeling.

We perform and review energy saving calculations by evaluating applied engineering methodologies and all pertinent savings calculation inputs and assumptions.

We also consider building codes and standards that apply to a project and well versed in a wide variety of local, state, and federal energy efficiency codes.

With decades of experience conducting feasibility studies and inspecting renewable and distributed energy systems for utility programs across the country, our staff has the experience to meet your needs. We are experienced with photovolatic (PV), solar thermal, solar hot water, wind, fuel cell and battery storage systems.

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how do you benefit?


Not too big, not too small, we're just the right-size to ensure you receive timely support from a dedicated engineering team.


With agile staffing techniques, leveraging junior and senior staff, we increase efficiency for cost-effective services. 


Our staff receive regular training and must follow our Health & Safety Program guidelines to ensure safe field practices.

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We've helped utilities across the country and would appreciate the opportunity to support you. 

utility consulting services​


measurement & verification 2.0

As pioneers in using whole-building, interval meter data to track and verify energy project savings, we authored numerous guidelines, developed an open-source analysis tool, and implemented these approaches for many utility programs utilizing normalized metered energy consumption.

commercial, grocery, labs

program design & implementation

With regulatory climate change goals, opportunities abound for programs to achieve high energy and carbon reduction goals. We provide program design, administration and implementation support for many programs including:

  • CoolSave, for supermarkets in PG&E territory,
  • Smart Labs IP, for labs in PG&E territory, and
  • Wattsmart, for Rocky Mountain Power Commercial customers.

virtual or in-person

energy training

We frequently provide training and education on various topics of energy efficiency, building operations, commissioning, and renewable energy across the country.

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We bring the best team to support your internal program management.

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