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COVID-19 guides & tools

Learn more about our free tools developed to help building operators understand the impact of changes to energy use and ventilation when mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in indoor environments.

R package


Download our free analysis toolset, nmecr, for utility energy efficiency programs using a normalized metered energy consumption (NMEC) approach to analyze commercial building energy consumption for site-specific measurement and verification (M&V).

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pschrometric calculation chart


get psyched!

Our free Get Psyched! Excel add-in. It allows you to do psychrometric calculations and charts in MS Excel and works with both English (IP) and Metric (SI) units.

compare T24, CalGreen, CHPS & LEED

commissioning cheat sheet

Compare various commissioning approaches (LEED, T-24, Calgreen, etc.) with our commissioning cheat sheet.

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energy efficiency calculation cheat sheet

energy efficiency

calculation cheat sheet

All energy engineers can use this quick cheat sheet that contains useful formulae and simple energy calculations.

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If you have any questions about reducing energy use, increasing sustainability or optimizing building system operations, get in touch.

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