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SHIELD – Sustainability and High Impact Energy Leadership Development

kW Engineering has developed a detailed training program for building operators which has proven to increase buy-in and excite the building operators to maintain the buildings once plan features are implemented. We call this program SHIELD which stands for Sustainable High Impact Energy Leadership Development. 

Our SHIELD program outlines a clearly defined path that persistently results in high-performing buildings.  Our program is designed to train operators to understand the root cause of typical occupant comfort issues found in buildings. We train operators to trace comfort issues back to the mechanical equipment and sometimes even back to the central plant and solve them permanently rather than simply put a “band-aid” to mask the problem which often cascades into a series of other problems and ultimately runaway energy and maintenance costs. Beyond the initial training, the SHIELD program is a partnership and collaborative effort between kW and facility personnel who will ultimately be responsible for the operations of the building. 

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