New Smart Labs Incentive Program Combines Sustainability and Safety

We’re excited to announce our new Smart Labs Incentive Program, which brings the Smart Labs optimization process to Northern California’s lab buildings. With our partners 3Flow, we’re providing free technical assistance and incentives for implementing energy-saving solutions in laboratory buildings located in PG&E’s service territory.

You may have heard of the Smart Labs process before. With its origins at UC Irvine, the EPA, and other trailblazing organizations, the Smart Labs systematic approach to optimizing lab ventilation has repeatedly demonstrated safety improvements and energy savings across the country. It was also the focus of a recently completed DOE Better Buildings Accelerator program.

In a nutshell, Smart Labs saves energy by using expert ventilation risk assessments to set lab ventilation rates and controls based on actual space needs, rather than outdated blanket airflow policies based on assumed worst-case scenarios. It’s a powerful systematic approach that reduces both energy costs and risk for the organization and helps building owners provide optimal environments in which to conduct science.

The Smart Labs Incentive Program is ratepayer-funded, which means participating building owners can receive free services for their laboratory buildings, including:

  • Scoping studies to identify high-savings-potential buildings.
  • Qualitative performance audits: a space-by-space expert ventilation risk assessment to establish safe airflow levels, followed by an HVAC system performance evaluation and detailed project recommendations.
  • Implementation technical support: we’ll be a resource throughout implementation, providing assistance with bid doc preparation, commissioning, etc.
  • Development of a custom Lab Ventilation Management Plan to help maintain energy savings and manage changing space needs.

The program also provides energy saving incentives for implemented projects at $0.10/kWh and $0.50/therm.

We are so pleased to offer these services along with 3Flow, a world leader in evaluating and testing critical airflow systems.

We’d love to talk with you about helping your organization meet its sustainability goals with the Smart Labs Incentive Program. So please get in touch for more details.

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