LED Ceiling Fixture Review – Costco Koda

We don’t usually do consumer product reviews here at kW. But I have to admit that, I love my new Costco/Koda LED ceiling fixture so much I’m making an exception. Why? Because it is the perfect hallway lighting fixture for my home, and so far, it works great. So, thumbs up!

Here’s why we think this fixture is an incredible value.

Built-in occupancy sensor with adjustable delay

The fixture has an occupancy sensor that is integrated right into the diffuser – so it’s essentially invisible. You might have noticed how passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensors use a translucent “bubble” to gather infrared radiation from the room. This fixture uses the LED diffuser as it’s collection device, so you don’t have an ugly, add-on sensor for the fixture. This provides line-of-sight occupancy detection that, for many residential applications (like my hallway) is more than adequate. Now you probably wouldn’t want it in an application where you need to “see” around corners (like a commercial bathroom, with private stalls) but for a home it works great.

I have my adjustable delay set really short (1 minute) for maximum energy savings. The lights turn off down the hallway a minute after I go ‘round the corner. Reducing run time hours is critical to energy savings, and is often the cheapest solution to big savings. The occupancy delay is easily configurable using the simple remote control that you can use for set-up.

Ambient Light Sensor

In addition to occupancy sensing, you can set it up so it detects ambient light levels and only comes on when you need it. This basically means you never have to touch your light switch again. Leave it on, and with a little adjustment for your light level preferences, it comes on when you need it, turns off when you don’t, or you’re not around.

Adjustable color temperature

One of the things I like most about this fixture is that the handheld controller lets you specify the color temperature, from 2700 to 5000K. So that means that it goes from warm (yellow/orange) to quite cold (bluish). I have mine set on the low end, because I like warm colors in my home. According to the specs, the CRI is 90, which is great color rendering. By my eye the 2700K setting appears a little cooler than rated at full brightness, but it’s great for a hallway or open area like a kitchen. And it seems to warm up further upon dimming.

Adjustable Dimming

You can also set the light level as you like it – just set once and leave it. Not only does that let you adjust to your own comfort level, but to reduce the energy use down from the max of 22W, to 10% of that. More energy/cost savings!

And it’s not expensive!

All these features for $25 smackers! I brought one home, liked it so much I immediately went back for 2 more to light my whole hallway. Now all I have to do is to figure out what to do with the 200 Watts of ugly faux Tiffany fixtures I pulled out. Urban ore – here I come.

Tech Specs

For you fellow energy geeks out there, here’s the list of relevant specifications:


If you have any questions about our experience with the KODA LED, or any other lighting questions. Just let us know.

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