Remembering One of Our Family, David Struck

The end of this year brought about an unexpected and tragic loss to our kW team, when our friend and college David Struck passed away suddenly. Here at kW, it’s like working with family, not to sound cliched, but it’s true. So, in November when we received the news of David’s passing, it impacted us all significantly and uniquely.

We operate as a close-knit group of like-minded souls sharing the same mission. With that, David brought a unique and lively flavor to our office which made his loss so significant. After sharing over five years with him and his family, we felt the cavernous void left in our hearts by his untimely departure.

David Struck

He was a dedicated Project Manager, supporting our Northern California K-12 School Districts with their Proposition 39 efforts.


He had a zest for life which he radiated in the presence of his colleagues and clients, always leaving us wanting more.

When we’d spend time with him, he’d always enjoy sharing a story of some ridiculous encounter with a narrow escape which left a feeling of assurance that in a pinch, David would always be on your side.

remembering david struck kw engineering project manager

As one kW’ian attests, “his was a life well lived, and probably wouldn’t have lived any differently even if he knew when his time came.”

We had the pleasure of enjoying his easy-going, funny…sometimes sarcastic, one-of-a-kind, gentlemanly spirit. It’s kind and generous souls like David that weave the fabric of kW. We will miss him terribly but appreciate the time we shared working with him.



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