Energy Efficiency Project Checklist for Faster Custom Incentive Program Review

Applying for utility  incentive programs can be a complicated process for a energy efficiency project developer. With multiple calculations and files involved, it is easy to overlook key pieces that could delay a project approval and incentive. Through my experience reviewing these projects, I noticed common errors and missing elements. To help you avoid these mistakes and ensure a faster project review I created the project developer checklist below. Most of my experience is with California programs like PG&E’s custom incentive program, but the rules are similar for programs we work with for Southern California Edison and conEdison in New York.

Why do energy efficiency projects have technical review?

Utilities across the country offer money and no-cost technical support to lower electric and gas bills in non-residential facilities through various energy efficiency (EE) incentive programs. Since money supporting these programs comes from public funds, utilities need independent third parties to review these projects typically submitted by an energy efficiency project developer. An independent program technical reviewer ensures accurate energy savings and incentive calculations, and program participation eligibility to ensure public funds are honestly and accurately spent.

Common Pitfalls of Energy Efficiency Incentive Project Applications

Through my experience reviewing utility energy efficiency program projects, I noticed many common pitfalls such as:

  • Missing or incorrectly labeled files
  • Significant errors in report that cause confusion
  • Missing evidence to support calculation values, e.g. photos of existing equipment or email from customer/vendor
  • Failure to note or explain exceptions to program rules
  • Manipulation of costs to increase incentive cap

Project Developer Checklist

The checklist below will help ensure your energy efficiency project can be easily reviewed by another engineer and help you avoid these common mistakes:

Benefits of a Complete and Accurate Project Application

When project developers submit complete and accurate energy projects, they are easier to review and approve. This saves time on both sides, and ensures the customer sees lower electric and/or gas bills (and incentives) sooner! If you’d like more information on available incentives and no-cost support to save energy, contact us anytime.

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