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Energy Engineers… .Your New Superhero

To open your monthly employee meeting with the statement “we’re just saving the world” is a bold and, in many aspects, true statement. Can that statement be proven? Are they men and women of steel blocking meteorites from pummeling into the earth? Well, by definition, a hero is a selfless and genuinely good person who causes change. As an administrative support for nearly 15 years to the work being done by energy engineers of kW Engineering, let me give you three reasons why you should agree with the title of this blog.


Being selfless allows us to connect with people and squash our egos in order to be of benefit to others. In a world where you can easily get captured and lost in your smartphone or computer it takes effort to pull your head up and engage with the people around you, the people you are trying to help. Not everything can be resolved with a chart and an email.

Energy engineers provide a great balance of using technology and human connection to provide services to their clients and teammates. I often observe engineers burning the midnight oil, and not for a little extra overtime pay. It’s easy to get absorbed in your work when it’s a job you love. We often see folks running for the hills when the clock strikes 5:00 and but here at kW I see many lingering around to talk with each other or to help a fellow co-worker out on a project.


Engineers do more than create complex calculations and spreadsheets that cause us normal folks to go cross-eyed when looking at them. They are musicians, bakers, caretakers, avid bikers, skiers and world travelers and they share their talents and experiences with others. After sharing with friends and family pictures of me lounging poolside, making a building from skittles, and doing puzzles during a company meeting, the most common response I received was, “is your job hiring?!”. How often do we have others practically begging to work at your company? That tells me it is a privilege to work for the company and people that I do.









While reading the blog post written by owner Jim Kelsey you quickly realize the extent of which our engineers will go to cause change. The change doesn’t stop with their clients but bleeds into their way of living. It’s not a unusual sight to see a train of bikes headed into the building at 9:00AM, to see an owner caring for the trees kW planted in front of the Oakland office building, or to see someone passing around “black gold” that was generated from our rooftop worm composting bin. Change permeates every aspect of an engineer’s being. The change doesn’t stop with the billions of energy consumption savings they provide to their clients but continues even after clocking out.

So… Your New Superhero?

So, in conclusion, your new superhero has a new name. It’s no longer Kent Clark its Walker Johnson. Superwoman is no longer fictional, and her name is Meera Sharma. James Donson may be carrying a lantern, but it’s is no longer green and it’s a LED bulb lighting the way. Energy engineers are your new superhero! If you’re interested in a career as an energy engineer, check for job openings or what’s happening on our LinkedIn page.

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